Network Security

Your organization’s network needs to be properly maintained and secure in order to support your business operations. We understand that downtime related to technology results in lost revenue for your business, which is why we take network security so seriously. Guardian’s team of experts is dedicated to fully supporting the technological needs of your organization, and the most important step in doing so is protecting your network from outsiders. Simply believing you’re secure is not enough- Guardian will conduct sophisticated testing to properly adjust and ensure the security of your network. We then look inward, to your network’s internal security and privacy policies, to examine and correct unsecure policies that would otherwise lead to your employees being the weak link in your chain of security. For your network to truly be secure, it must be examined and tested from all angles- and that’s exactly what we do.

24/7 Monitoring

We actively monitor and analyze the performance of every functioning component of your network, so that we can develop plans for remediation before you even notice an issue.

Top-Tier Security

Guardian provides several layers of network security to prevent malicious cyber-attacks, while simultaneously monitoring your network to identify and eliminate any threats.

Data Protection

Let us help you to secure sensitive information from the outside world, so that you’re always in control of your data.