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Shield your networks and important data from the newest cyberthreats with our advanced security tools.

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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Fortify your business against any disaster with our data backup programs and recovery planning services.

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Managed IT Services

Offload management of your IT to our veteran technicians and enjoy faster, more efficient technology.

Guardian Information Technologies

Managed Services Pioneers

Guardian Information Technologies, Inc. trademarked and launched its GuardianEye product as a service in 1998. This product, the result of countless hours of engineering and development, delivers network management and monitoring capabilities that our peers simply cannot. Often imitated, this service is never duplicated- and we continue to improve and refine the GuardianEye as our flagship service.

Knowledge, Expertise and Experience

Our Technical Team consists of individuals with more than twenty years of enterprise-level experience on average. We are IT professionals. Our core competency is in our enterprise-level of knowledge and expertise, at the fingertips of your mid-size organization.