Email and Spam Protection

Spam mail can be very annoying, creating inbox clutter and taking up storage space, but it also poses a serious security risk to your organization. Many spam emails carry dangerous links and attachments just waiting to be clicked, and one-click is all it takes for your network to become infected and your security- compromised. Guardian eliminates the risk of receiving spam by cutting it out of the picture completely. Our advanced Spam Filtering service analyzes various aspects of incoming emails so you only receive the emails you want to receive, leaving you more organized and more secure.

Mail Security

Don’t fall victim to dangerous emails that carry malicious content or could make you the subject of email fraud. We eliminate these threats completely by ensuring they never even make it to your inbox.

Filter Control

Guardian’s versatile filtering mechanism allows us to adjust the functionality and visibility of the Spam Filter to your specific needs, addressing issues and trends as they emerge.