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"Before Guardian, our network was functionally inept. Whole sections of our entire building would drop off for long periods of time, with no ability to determine the cause. Guardian designed the new architecture, seamlessly moved users off the old network without any interruptions to our staff, and developed a remote monitoring service that has worked flawlessly. We have found them to be very knowledgeable in all areas of technology - and, we continue to maintain our three-plus year relationship…"

Jack Feivou
Director of Artistic Operations
Boston Ballet

"Guardian has worked with the Town of Nantucket for over 4 years now in developing our complete town-wide network, that addressed our complex connectivity and security issues. Guardian Information Technologies has provided us with services in a timely, professional, and extremely cost-effective manner. They have been instrumental in that they had to work with and around our staff during office hours while dealing with a high level of scrutiny during all phases of this project. The project was estimated to cost approximately $875,000 and has been substantially completed for under $225,00 - and we're looking to complete two more locations with them - need I say more…"

Jennifer Erichsen
Information Systems Coordinator
Town of Nantucket

"The City of Lynn has had a working relationship with Guardian Information Technologies since 1998. Guardian has worked closely with the City of Lynn in the implementation of a cable plant, and a fully switched and managed network, along with the design and implementation of a wireless WAN for nine remote sites. Guardian has provided the city with 24 x 7network and traffic monitoring, along with the design and implementation of our firewall for added network security. The City has found Guardian to be very professional in manner and very prompt in response to service. The City of Lynn would most definitely recommend Guardian for any and all network service."

Peter Efstratios
Information Technology Director
City of Lynn

"JM Coull, Inc. invited Guardian Information Technologies, Inc. to review our network systems due to stability issues we had been experiencing with our previous IT vendor. In addition, we planned to expand our facility to include a second office, which would require major changes to our network environment. They overhauled and rebuilt our network infrastructure, and then deployed a robust server for our demanding accounting software. Then they deployed several new workstations for JMC, addressed our satellite office needs, and serviced numerous existing desktops. The Guardian-Eye enables Guardian Information Technologies to support our IT needs from servers to desktops, remotely and efficiently. JM Coull, Inc. is pleased to recommend Guardian Information Technologies, Inc.'s services. From the strategic planning phase through execution, Guardian Information Technologies is responsive and supportive of our needs. We are confident that Guardian Information Technologies will continue to support and fulfill our IT needs as we grow and expand our company."

Robert Hennessy
JM Coull, Inc.

"As the Information Technology Director for the Town of Lincoln, I had inherited a network infrastructure, and was then abandoned by my original vendor who was acquired by another company… I needed a vendor who would understand my vision for this environment, while also understanding the financial constraints of a municipality. In my endeavor of the vendor process, I interviewed Bradley Warren and Susan Fortunato and left the meeting feeling confident that they understood my needs. Needless to say I have been engaged with Guardian for almost two years now. Guardian's value to my organization is in their commitment to my success, by keeping my computing and network environment functioning effectively and efficiently. The talented people that work for Guardian complement my needs and provide a pool of talent I could not match."

Charles E. Miller
Director of Information Technology
Town of Lincoln

"We've been with Guardian Information Technologies since 1998, when we were trying to build a computer network within City Hall. Guardian designed our network, arranged for City Hall to be Cat5 wired, installed switches and other network electronics, and supervised the deployment of desktop computers and printers. Since this initial roll-out, they have continued to support our network by building firewalls, assisting with anti-virus programs, fixing of programs that occur along the way, and has expanded our network to neighboring building and remote sites, they have most capably guided us through that expansion. Guardian quickly and effectively responds to our calls. They have a great grasp of IT trends and have provided us with a network that can grow and change without the necessity of major system overhauls. We are extremely pleased with the work done by Guardian Information technologies and would strongly recommend them."

Calvin D. Brooks
City Auditor
City of Gardner

"One of the most important issues the City has faced over the past year has been the issue of viruses in the email system. Guardian Technologies has led the way and helped the city install a system that updates each desktop when the user logs on. Servers are also connected to this system, which has successfully prevented any virus from penetrating our network."

Dean J. Mazzarella
City of Leominster

"Since 1996, my firm has had an excellent working relationship with Guardian Information Technologies, Inc. Guardian has built our file server, provided wiring and cable needs, and initiated a backup and anti-virus protocol. Most important to our continued operations, Guardian has provided regular desktop support whenever a concern has arisen. It has been our experience that the Guardian staff has been highly responsive and accommodating to our calls for assistance over the years, and they've always been able to troubleshoot any problems we may have encountered - from software to hardware. I would highly recommend Guardian to anyone who seeks a dependable and professional firm to provide support for any and all of your computer technology needs!"

John L. Roncone, III
Attorney at Law
Roncone Law Offices, PC

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